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Stockbroking With Us

Our stockbroking services suit those who want a more hands on approach to deciding which shares or instruments to trade or invest in for the long term. If you want complete control, but are also looking for access to proprietary research and up-to-the-minute professional trading information on a regular basis, than this option would be ideal for you.
Online Trading Account
  • Any internationally listed securities.
  • A portfolio that contains a concentration of listed stocks.
  • Sophisticated investment instruments such as Futures, Options, Contracts for Difference and other derivative instruments traded on many international stock exchanges.
  • A personalized portfolio of equities.
Our stockbroking service is based on a close and harmonious working relationship with you.
Your individual requirements, preferences and risk tolerance are primary to what we offer.
At St Clair Capital Group, you will receive:
  • Access to your own professional stockbroker primed to look after you and your portfolio
  • Immediate market insights and a wealth of research and trading expertise (supported by our in-depth fundamental analysis) that you can act on or instruct us to act on, on your behalf;
  • Proprietary, in-depth, individual stock research and updates;
  • Multiple ways to interact and invest – through your stockbroker, via email or by mobile
  • Wide choice of services dependent on your stockbroking needs –
    • Discretionary – You give us the discretion to manage your portfolio on your behalf to achieve an agreed upon strategy.
    • Advisory – We provide you with educated advice and ideas, but will only execute the decisions you agree on.
    • Execution – We will only act according to your specific instructions. You don’t require our professional advice.
  • Most listed securities across the globe
  • Our international investment research and fund management team’s technical research and trading ideas that may fall outside the risk/reward bands of our longer-term managed investment strategies;
  • The immediacy and growth potential of trading in listed securities
  • A full range of derivative products and services for more sophisticated investors
Our stockbroking services are diverse enough to cater for a range of individual needs.
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